The heaters are dusty
A fire hazard considered and deemed
Avoidable however
October’s living room air
Sneaks past bare feet and up
Through the cuff of a pant leg
Nipping at a shin
Where do you go when insecure
And stir crazy?
Liquor store, tobacco store,
Bakery department of a grocery store chain?
Putting on waterproof boots
And a coat with a hood
To walk, hands-in-pockets,
To the litter-lined highway.
Stay here, let the urges dwindle
The hands are low enough to light
Some candles
Wet hair wont cry, just drip.
Choke down the pinch
Early October air sneaks
Up another pant leg
And scrapes a knee-


This moment sticks in you like an apple corer
You clutch your hand to your shoulder
As your engagement to the story grows deeper
This sharp will sting
Long after the show's over


Melt, melt in to it
Melt right through it
Melt a blissfully posed silhouette
And fall through delicious
Into a white silk sheet
That catches you clean
Like a hammock

This Line

This line, this scar
Is squished and pulled
Like the bellows
Of an accordion

Squished like a somnolent accordion
That forgets the accompaniment
Forgets to vibrate sounds
Through its body

This line, this line
Grows to coil around--
To wrap around--
Like a snake

Grows like a lethargic snake
That forgets to squeeze
Forgets to constrict
Until the middle is nothing

This line, this line
Stretches out
Like the buttonholes
On a cheap sweater

Stretches like a treasonous button row
Pulling apart on a slow quarter
That forgets to dislocate
Any threads from the fabric

Forgets to tear
Length by width
Length by width

Choose Clocks

Choose to look at clocks,
Not mirrors.
I don't believe in laziness;
I believe in fear.

Clocks make us liars.
They stop and stall,
Drain or drown.
And we're convinced

That appointment
Isn't necessary,
That weather
Can't be dealt with,
That it's okay to be late

But mirrors
Are worse.
Mirrors tell bigger lies
That make clocks