Tonight would be a great night to commit a crime.
The fog is so thick, it has stopped being fog, altogether.
I see nothing through the car windows
But sparkly water molecules in the headlights.

Poor it on. Poor it on.
We are on a fog-coated sea,
No longer a fog-covered road.
You'll push me. You'll push me overboard.

The day was nice downtown, but here
The rivers just keep on going until they connect
To new waterroads with houses to pass
And streetlights that make fog thicker.
Until we all come, all come down like virga.

A Demco No. 675 Card Catalog Filing Flag

Who knew
You used to revisit love poems
Enough to mark pages
With paper clips
A Demco No. 675 Card Catalog Filing Flag
Bent around the edges
Maybe you still do

In a secret library somewhere
You were more than an office worker
More than a mother
Someone made you wonder
And mark page 132:

"Do you like the color blue
do I worry you when I frown
Where were you
when I was growing up
and needed somebody"

And thanks to you
I never had to ask

I leave office supplies
As marginalia
Or I will, if I ever find
A love poem better
Than a Demco No. 675 card catalog Filing Flag