"Sure" Revised

When he said the word,
It sounded like the anagram
With all the original letters exactly once
It was
Like week-old salad
On a plate next to the sink
Hit the wall and shattered

When you said the word
I knew you meant it
It made me think
Of "That Time" and "Apres Moi"
A haircut in the laundry room
A poetry reading at Seattle Mobile Espresso
That 5:45 AM has the best light for photos
And that the farmers' market has jewelry vendors

A gold and ivory ring with a rose
Reminded me of my mom and Granny Janie
But I am never
Sure enough
I set it back down on the display
You picked it back up

When I said the word,
I meant it like Christmas pajamas in summertime
Like recently-painted toes
Sticking out from snowflake hems
Like, Of course you're right but
I'm gonna pretend I think you're making it up
because you laugh
Like kids' cereal
Fruity Pebbles and vanilla almond milk
For sure
And coffee with cinnamon creamer

And you know 
I'm watching Garden State
Is code for week-old salad
On a plate
Next to the sink

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