The Marvel of Sight Becomes More Wonderful Than Whatever is Seen

1. The thirst
I need
I am
Without it
A child’s thickened frontopolar cortex
A screen flicker
A shrunken plant cell
When the truck plays
Pop! Goes the Weasel
I submit my thirst to be

2. When you change plans
I am seven again
Dragging art books along the concrete
When my ride never shows
I want to tell you you are a broken phone tree
But I wait
Truth is
I’m grateful for your self

3. You can fall asleep during meditation
There is no timeline for when the thoughts
Will no longer
Drain you
But one day
Will be another state of energy

4. I think the thought,
“I am not thinking anything”
It is the closest I have been
To still water
I pace between a hospice bedside
And the neighbor’s casserole
I find out the knot in my lungs
Is a bouncy ball
And I jump around

5. I fear there’s no point to
Any of this
No bounds leapt
Leaving the dishes in the sink
Acceptance is stasis
Except now
I did not notice the dishwater gray
Nor the wafting tulip breeze of an
Kitchen window
I did not see you come in or leave
The room
I will keep

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