Dear Friend, Lighten up!

Hello, my dear friend!
So happy to see you!
I've been working,
quite a while on the
Earth-quilt beneath you.
Do you like it?
I made it
from tree branches and
clay. I used to be
in a clan but they're
long passed away.
It's just me now, you see,
growing fruit on my
head--shedding bark
off my back. This rock,
here, is my bed. The
dead let new life be!
Be happy and flourish!
My dear, dear friend.
Have an apple!
Have a drink!
Let us watch the sun
rise and

Comment: I wrote this poem before I read the biography in the tarot-based “Faeries Oracle” and, though I'm still not convinced “faeries” are all around us causing things to happen, I'll admit I was a little freaked out by the way details in my poem matched the description in the book. This is probably a credit to the artist who drew the cards.
Milke à Muckle (aka A Mixed Blessing) is a grig of good family. As you have doubtless heard, grigs are merry-- so merry that they have become proverbial for it. They want you to be merry too, with a childlike open heart. Mikle informs us, Little things come in small packages.
Mikle and be foolish, silly, playful, and absurd... He understands renewing the spirit and re-creating the body and emotions... When we stop pretending to be adults for a moment...we can regain the clear, direct vision of a child... Milke reminds us that the past is past, gone forever, the future is just a dream, and now is the only time we have, moment by moment.

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