Holiday Shopping

Okay, so, I'm at the grocery store
watching the cashier scan my items-
ice cream.
The four items the store rarely
has to bother putting on sale, and,
yes, I do need all four.

You see, I need all that candy cause
I don't know how many kids
to expect at my door
this Friday

and I don't really live
in a safe enough neighborhood
to feel comfortable opening my door
alone, so, see
I need those cookies
to bribe my brothers
into spending the holiday with me

and those ice cream flavors
are seasonal
meaning, special, so
maybe I thought they'd make
a good excuse
to invite someone else over

and those chips, I mean,
I gotta get my fiber somehow, right?
So those are really for me.

Okay, maybe all
of this crap
is for me.

I'll be back here later this week.

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