Gun Control

What a relief it would be to be dead
I think of this when we discuss gun control

I won’t vote for it
I say
I probably won’t
I don’t like things that control

But I wish they’d stop making new ones
I wish the want went away
And just that wish makes you mad

I told you it must be easy
For you to see target practice
and hunting as casual sports

I see myself on stained linoleum tile
I know if I waited
Just one more hour
I wouldn’t want to pull the trigger

It’s like we are learning to walk
And you are better at navigating
sharp corners
You say I should have to put padding on the corners
So you can have your choice of furniture
I want rounded furniture
soft beveled glass
or sanded oak

In a couple hundred years
we can make the whole world safe for walking

Pretend it’s now
At home
As we stumble freely
Shins sliding against smooth pleather edges

I promise I am not crazy
You are two tragedies away from forgetting
how to balance your head
on your neck
Let alone
bear the weight of arms
Believe me
You are not even the reason for your own sanity
Some burdens were shouldered for your benefit
Some slave labors and surgeries and salaries saved

And if you think you owe
the founding fathers your freedom
You’re looking too far back

There were nights I stayed up
Because sleep meant
Waking to face another day
And when the morning came

I made you breakfast

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