Determination of Flavor Following the Inclusion of Sweet in Savory

She says scientists love to cook
They follow instructions well
And everyone loves some version of chili
Buy the meat and peppers

Wash, peel, seed, dice
Onion, garlic, tomatoes
Heat up a pan
Stir with a slotted spoon

Lab work is the same
Source your materials
Prep the buffer solutions
Handle specialized equipment

Centrifuge, cell scraper, pipette
The artistry exists in knowing
To approximate in cooking
And quantify exactly in science

Things go wrong if they can
The spice cake was flat and dense
Baking is closer to science
You start over

Questions of the infinite
Answers in dehydrated milk
Three old white men grill her
On the knowledge behind her thesis

We used to question the inclusion
Of sweet in savory
Her friends and family
Sometimes we say the wrong thing

She starts over
The conversation
She is more likely to say no-
Thing, than the wrong thing

You can merge the word "porn"
After "food" or "science"
Passion is not added to taste
It is the taste and the process

Label a scientist cold
Feel the heat of her chili

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