Not Evil Like Glitter But Warm Like the Sun

I never feel free like the winds through a willow
Or wrecked, in pieces, in a wretched ruin
I think the other poets are on drugs

I would love if my heartbreak carried me across time
Time just happens without movement nor stillness
And even the word "heartbreak" is too abstract

I am not planted like a tree
I am a couch-dweller
There is no metaphor here

If I figured out what drugs they are taking
I would speak and flecks of glitter would weaponize
Swirl, dance, combine to form a sword

Or peel away in a cloud under the door
Traveling by wind, fiercely
Infecting every open orifice with a word virus

Or a word cure, which is not sharp and evil like glitter
But warm like the sun and pours from my fingertips
Every word is a touch with the power to improve

Or, sober, I might find another way to write in simile
Meditate until I am equalized
I am the same as a cricket

And a cat, and a fleck of dust
Caught in the light
I am the light, and then, one with all

Stick my fingers into sockets,
Slide my heels into rattlesnake dens
Wade deeper and deeper into the ocean

Charged and swollen and raw and one
Just like / such as / as in
One who understands what that's like

A person who emotes like things
And exists
As feeling

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