Mother, Daughter

Daughter, get a job
And please move on
You are breaking my heart daily

You don't have to like your work
But get up, go, repeat
Be strong

Maybe you'll get lucky
If not, you know that you can fake it
Make me proud

You're healthy and you're young
But not for long
So please get going, baby


Strength is showing up
Looks like, on that, we agree

I speak up when I am hurt
Mom, look a little closer, please

Fluttershy's the strongest pony
Eeyore is the bravest donkey

Littlest bird, prettiest song
Ukulele, sweetest anthem

Off-brand cereal, best value
Are you still not proud, Mom?

I comfort friends through their depression
Mine's become an art obsession

When I find success in work
It damn well is authentic

Mama, you want simple for me

But nothing's simpler than loving
Things for what they are already


Daughter, how will you make money?
What about romance and family?
Someday, I would like grandchildren.


These things you list are synonyms
For safety and connection.

I have those things. It's just a bad day.
Please stop looking at me that way.

The best part of acceptance
Is you haven't failed either

We're both doing such a great job
Bloodied up in this arena

When I tell you I'm unwell
It is because I need your help

Not to say I'm living wrong
But to remind me I am strong

The only thing I want...


Sorry you had a bad day, honey
I'm so glad you share with me
My love for you would never break my heart

It builds

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