The Third Place

Give that car salesman
A cold beer
This is the night
He goes into space

And you're allowed, you know
To calm
Opening night jitters
With whatever's handy

The sales race was close
Two men forerunning
Tallying add-ons and contract riders

Last month
The reward was a Costco supply
Of microwave lunches

You're going to space, man
Drink up

This bar is famous for its DJ
Request any song
How about Rocket Man, Spaceman
Space Jam, Starship something
Cyndi Lauper, you got it

No one here will question
Your late night NASA mission
As long as the news comes with a round

We know the Earth is over
We're trying to get off too

The pool table was just refelted 
Doesn't she look nice?

Curiosity's on Mars
Reconnaissance orbits the moon
Where are you going?

When you get to space
Will you leave something

To float around forever for me?
I must have something in my pockets

Here, take this bottle opener from the bar
It'll say we were here
Using tools, sharing tools,

We were here
Look down at us and smile

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