Sebastian Chases Storms

Sebastian chases storms
with a Nikon d3200
and an eighteen to fifty-five millimeter lens.
"Science is pretty awesome stuff," he says.
He liked weather since he saw his first storm.

There isn’t much weather
in Central California,
Not like the summer storms of Missouri,
Not like the monsoons of Arizona.

He talks about before now,
Being busy with family life and stuff.
Before now he was seventeen.

He needs a lot of things.
A Canon 7d Mark II,
Or a d7100,
A better lens,
Another trip to Yosemite,
Better exposure shots.

One time his favorite photographer
Photographed the same storm as him
And he didn’t even know
Until he saw the pictures online.

He’s going stormchasing after he graduates.
After he gets up for school in 4 hours.
He’s gonna be all predictions and radars
reports and stuff like that.

"I'm just a troubled teenager who likes weather
for now."
Sebastian chases storms

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